How to login OA?

Hello, if you want to log in to the enterprise Admin Panel: you can open, or open the [Desktop Client]-upper right corner [Admin Panel] icon. Go to the OA management background login page, log in to the DingTalk account, and enter the management password to log in.
1. Only administrators and sub-admins can log in to the background. The executive manager, supervisor and ordinary employees cannot log in;
2. When you log in to the management background for the first time, you need to set the management password;
3. If there are multiple team/enterprise administrators, each team/enterprise needs to set the corresponding management password. When logging in to the background, you can log in at the login interface and click the enterprise icon to switch the enterprise background;
4. If there are multiple administrators in the enterprise, the management passwords are set separately, there's no uniform passwords.



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