Privacy Policy of DingTalk
Taobao (or “We”) attaches great importance to DingTalk user's (or “You”) privacy. The following Privacy Policy of DingTalk (the “Privacy Policy”) is our policy for collecting, using and protecting of your information. Please read the Privacy Policy carefully and pay extra attention to the text in bold. By expanding and adjusting our services, We may update our Privacy Policy at any time. Once the updated Privacy Policy has been published on the website, the updated version will effectively replace the original Privacy Policy.

Collecting and Using of Information

• When You register a DingTalk account, Taobao will need your personal information for the account registration, and We may show your personal information to those who has already had your email address or other identity information when You are applying Dingtalk service.

• When You are using DingTalk or accessing DingTalk’s webpages, Taobao will automatically receive and record information about your browser and computer, including but not limited to your IP address, the type of browser, the browser language, the access date and time, hardware and software feature information, the records of webpages You surfed and Cookies to DingTalk service , etc..

• If You install DingTalk mobile App, Taobao might read your mobile device’s property and storage information, including but not limited to the brand and model of your device, the identification number of the device, the carrier, your country or region, your phone number, your Contacts, and your location information, etc..

• When You perform certain operations while using DingTalk (such as adding friends to a certain group), We might send a notification to You or to the relating contact person.

• When You launch a third-party application (the “3rd Party App”) on DingTalk platform, Taobao will collect and process relevant information in accordance with the Privacy Policy. 3rd Party App service providers may collect your personal information while you are using DingTalk service while the collection of your information shall be governed by the 3rd Party App’s own privacy policy.

• Taobao will collect information about You when other users may carry out operations that relating You, and Taobao may also obtain your personal data from Taobao affiliates, third parties or through other legitimate channels.

• The purpose of Taobao's collecting and using of the above information is for better user experience of DingTalk by the means of websites operating and services delivering, including but not limited to providing You with personalized service. In addition, the information may be used to notify You of new features and services via the website, e-mail, phone call, SMS etc., or to send business information that may be of interest to You, such as Taobao affiliated companies or other third party products, services or business investment opportunities. Taobao promise not to view or use your business data within between the above mention scenarios at the same time.

Disclosuring and Sharing of Information

Taobao will not provide, sell, rent, share or trade your personal information to any third party without your consent, except in the following cases:

• To provide relevant information to comply with applicable of laws and regulations, including official inquiries by relevant authorities or authorized institution.

• In order to avoid putting your life, health or property in danger circumstance, or to prevent significant adverse to other individual’s rights and interests.

• For the protection of Taobao, its affiliates and other end-user’s rights and properties.

• When You are or may be complained of infringing other individual or entities’ intellectual property rights or other legal rights, necessary information may need to be disclosed to the complainant in order for further processing of the complaint.

• Your information will be disclosed in case of realizing the products and services You required. For example, when using the Ding function and conference call services, you are required to apply your phone number for further receiving a verification code before realizing the function. The number You use will be sent to telecommunication service operators in order to enable communication, and will be displayed as a caller ID number to other users within the Ding function/join in the conference call.

• In order to enable You and your friends to find each other in your Contacts conveniently, when you apply Contact Matching function, the DingTalk system will process a highly-intensified encryption algorithm for the phone numbers in your Contacts and corresponding numbers will be matched per the given relationship algorithm, and thereafter the matching users will be shown to You. Taobao will not retain any identifiable information from your Contacts and the phone number data from your Contacts will firstly be encrypted before it is matched.

• To enable Taobao, Taobao partners and Taobao affiliates to serve You individually or jointly, while further accessing of the You information will be prohibited upon the termination of the service.

Information Security

• The DingTalk account You registered applies password protection function for the security of your personal information. Please keep your account and password in safe.

• Taobao applies appropriate technical and security measures to ensure that You information We collect may not lost, abused or altered. Though We have applied appropriate security measures, please be aware that there is NO perfect security measure for completely Internet security.


• Cookies are small amounts of data that if You choose to accept them, they will be sent to your browser and stored on your computer's hard drive. We use cookies to store your DingTalk access data so that your next accessing to DingTalk will be identified directly and to provide You with better service and experience by analyzing data that stored.

• You have the right to accept or reject cookies. You may reject cookies by modifying your browser settings while please be aware that some of DingTalk features that rely on cookies will not be applied.

External Linkages

DingTalk contains links to other websites and Taobao shall not be responsible for the privacy practices of other websites. We may add external linkages of Taobao authenticated business partners or shared brand websites when necessary, but the information Taobao provided to them will only be comprehensive information that shall not lead to the disclosure of your identity information.(The end)
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