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Two easy steps to get you started
with DingTalk
So you've been invited to join DingTalk, and you're now wondering where to begin. Don't
worry, we've got you covered. Follow these 2 simple steps and we'll have you set up in
no time!
1. Go to Google Play, the App Store or www.dingtalk.com/en to download and install
DingTalk on your mobile
2. Create an account by following these simple steps
1. Read/Unread status function that can list who has or hasn't read your message
2. @ someone in a group, and that member will be notified that they were [Mentioned] in their chats
3. Start a Video Conference Call with your group easily, by simply touching on the phone icon at the top right corner
4. DingTalk can support up to 1000 members in a single group chat
5. Automatic removals of resigning employees from all group chats
6. A Secret Chat function that automaticall deletes messages once they've been read,
keeping your privacy safe
Got an urgent message? Simply DING your message from your chats and ensure your recipient receives your important information.
1. Touch and hold on any message in your chat dialogue and select DING
2. Select from 3 types of DINGs, depending on your message, whether it's a task, meeting or just a regular DING for important information
3. Select different reminder types for your DING:
App - a simple notification appears in your recipient's app
SMS - your recipient receives an SMS on their phone
Phone - your recipient receives a phone call with a voice recorded message of your DING's content
4. Assign deadlines for your DING Tasks and set a specific time for your reminders
5. Book a DING meeting by simply selecting your recipients and writing in the content of the meeting. Content can be voice recorded. Attach images, documents or links to your DING for highlighting your meeting's topic
6. Manage your DINGs easily by using the DING filter
Global Address Book(Internal Contacts)
Find any member in your company easily by simply typing in their department
1. Go to Contacts and scroll down to your company
2. Go to My Organizations for the list of all departments
3. Type in the department's name to view all of department's employees
4. Select the member you wish to contact. Select any method of contact from ordinary calls, VoIP, video calls and more…
External Contacts consist of clients, customers or any members that do business with your company such as business partners, distributors, suppliers, etc.
5. External Contacts display your contacts and contacts that were shared with you
6. Three methods to add members into your external contacts:
6.1. Scan their business card and all information will automatically be extracted and saved into your external contacts
6.2. Filling out the contact's name and phone number are necessary in order to tag them
6.3. Select a category to tag to your contact. Note: Once set, tags can be deleted only by administrators
7. Share your external contacts with your internal contacts
DingTalk provides search engines almost on every interface and can search for any key word in the following categories:
Group chat
External contacts
Public group
Ding Mail
Ding Drive
Select "Me" to adjust your account
1. Touch on Invitation to invite others to use DingTalk
2. Your company could win free calling minutes and other benfits for every member you successfully invite
Attendance management
DingTalk's Attendance application has now brought a new era for clocking-in/out. Now clocking-in/out can be done on your phone in just couple of touches
1. Go to Work > Attendance > and clock-in/out
2. Clock-in upon arrival to work or clock-out when finishing work. Off-site clock-ins/outs are also available. Note: Off-site clock-ins/outs must enabled by administrators in order to be active
3. All attendance results displayed in your DingTalk
4. Late arrivals, early leaves and overtimes must be applied for, submitted and approved by a set manager for attendance reports
5. The clock-in/clock-out record are all show in this app for yourself reference
Approvals function lets you view your pending applications, keep track of all your approved applications and submit your own applications for approval
1. Go to Work > Approvals
2. View applications pending for your approval in the Requiring My Approval interface or view your pending applications in Created by Me
3. Different applications need different information in order to be submitted for approval
4. Approvers in applications are set by default, but can be edited as well if necessary
Video Conferences
With a stable Wi-Fi connection, Video Conference calls can be held anywhere, allowing your team to have business meetings without anyone leaving their desk. Video Conference calls can be held on your phone or your PC
Announcements can made within your department or your whole company. Members will receive notifications once an announcement has been posted
Ding Mail
Ding Mail makes email messaging seem more like chats instead of threads. Ding Mail is also supported by a third partied email IMAP
1. Clear your mail from spam in a single touch
2. Organize your mail by filtering or categorizing
3. Attach or edit local files easily
4. Email messages indicate Read/Unread statuses. DING those who haven't got your mail
5. Start a Conference Call in your email thread
6. All Manager's and administrator's email starred by default, so as to never miss their messages
Ding Drive
Free storage space for every registered organization
Different permission settings available in regular chats, private chats or organization chats
All saved files stored directly in Ding Space
Send a saved Ding Space file in your chats
User guide and feedback channel
User guide and feedback channel can be found at "Customer Service"
Redefining communication
and collaboration
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